You’re about to buy a newly constructed home. How do you make sure it suits you well? And how to get the best deal? And what interior design will you go for? Get the answers to these and many other questions at Homestudios, BAM’s new experience centre. A true ecosystem of building trade partners, where you’ll find everything you need in a one-stop shop. DST was responsible for its concept, design and build, together with strategic partners.


BAM and over twenty partners aim to inspire future home owners with Homestudios. They’d also like to facilitate them to personalise their homes, and to do their interior decorating. Homestudios takes you on a journey. From your first orientation on the market, right up to the moment you’ll receive the keys to your new home. With always the right expert at the right moment. Homestudios, in short, helps you make your new house into your new home.

Online preview

This journey begins online, in My Homestudios. As a prospective home buyer you’ll get an online preview. As soon as you have found the home of your choice – congratulations! – you’ll have access to a personalised online account. This is an easy and accessible overview of all options and relevant information. 24/7, regardless of your location.

Personal home coach

Time has come for your visit to Homestudios, by invitation. This is where you’ll go through five studios, guided by your personal home coach, working on your new home in an interactive five-step programme. Explore your options, from extension to kitchen units, and from lighting to furniture. You’ll be amazed at what options are eligible for finance, too, thanks to some smart solutions.

Five steps

Homestudios offers five studios for its visitors, that take them through their personalised home journey.

1. Personal creation studio. Welcome at Homestudios! And excuse us for barraging you with questions, in order to make your journey as personal as possible. This studio is also where you’ll return after completing the Knowledge Studio, Inspiration Studio and the Cooking Studio, to ‘build’ your new home.

2. Knowledge studio. This is where you’ll get insight into the laws of interior, exterior and decorating. You’ll discover what to look for, how to look, and how to make even better choices for the build, finish and decoration of your home. This is also where you’ll find a basic home shell detailing all structural options.

3. Inspiration studio. Eleven life-sized fully decorated houses highlight BAM’s eleven home styles. A rich source of inspiration when it comes to choosing lighting and decoration.

4. Cooking studio. Under the watchful eye of a chef you’ll discover what choice of kitchen suits your needs. We’ll also cook you lunch as a bonus.

5. 3D-studio. This is where you’re shown the results of your visit to Homestudios. We’ll visualise all of your choices on structure, finish and decoration. It’s like you’re already walking around in your new home!

Personal and high-tech

Homestudios builds on a combination of its personal home coaches and high-tech visualisation means. You’re able to store any choice, information or note on a tablet you’ll receive when arriving at Homestudios. This enables you to review all information afterwards from the comfort of your own home.


The opening of Homestudios marks a leap forward in customer service. Where customers used to make choices based on technical drawings and samples alone, they are now offered maximal support with looks, feels, smells and experience. A complete home experience even before their new houses are built, with professional coaching. For BAM this results in more efficient home sales, higher customer satisfaction and simplified sales for additional works. The majority of customers for instance buy their kitchen at Homestudios. That’s not even counting the spin-off and publicity for the brand. Word of mouth is a powerful advertising channel for prospective buyers.

Gouda Cheese Experience

At the request of the city of Gouda and the province of Zuid-Holland DST experience agency developed a concept for a privately run tourist attraction on Gouda cheese, including a feasibility study and business plan. A smartly orchestrated combination of stakeholder management, finance, design and business plan made the Gouda Cheese Experience possible.

Finance and sponsoring

Apart from concepting, DST also performed location surveys and contributed to substantial sponsoring from FrieslandCampina and Vergeer Holland. DST also engineered the architecture for the investment loan and accompanied the procedure for the remaining financing by the Dutch government bank, combined with a guarantee from the city of Gouda.

Specialist co-operation

DST was responsible for translating the concept to a final design for seven of its ten rooms and coordinated the build. This included project management for structural changes to the building, utilities, interior finishing, exhibit installation, decorating and turn-key delivery. We worked together with specialists in the areas of construction, the monument agency, installation, interior decorating, exhibitry, retail, food & beverage, lighting, AV and interaction design. The result is a privately owned themed attraction that is all about Gouda cheese. With lots to do, discover and, most of all, to have fun with.


Gouda Cheese Experience opened its doors in June 2020. The only unforeseen fact was the global Covid-19 pandemic, delaying the opening by three months. Despite the pandemic, the attraction aims at receiving 50,000 visitors in the opening year.

Unilever HIVE

Together with partner Sandenburg Concept Creation DST provided Unilever with an onboarding and reboarding program for HIVE, their brand new R&D Foods Centre in Wageningen.


Strategic goals

As a part of the R&D Foods Transformation strategic goals, DST provided custom employee programs. In these programs topics like company culture, new work methods, the high ambition level and the innovation pace among employees and future colleagues of Unilever R&D Foods are brought to life.

Inspiring and dynamic

With the relocation of several European branches to Wageningen, HIVE has become an inspiring and dynamic food innovation hub. HIVE is a catalyst for change, and offers the Wageningen Campus ecosystem new insights, innovations and chances to provide honest, healthy and sustainable food products, worldwide. To achieve this, employees who moved to Wageningen needed to be shown around first, before tackling the huge challenges the food industry faces.

Multiple days

In a multiple-day program employees of the three former R&D Foods sites discovered they were now part of the varied, multi-ethnic group of people at Wageningen. A group that is tied together in their passion for inspiring and innovative products. These require interaction and connecting to make them happen.


Reactions to the HIVE reboarding program were enthusiastic. In two months following the move, all 550 employees followed the reboarding program. After that, it was modified to provide an onboarding program for new colleagues, partners, trainees and interns.