G4S Innovation Centre

Experience cash processes

G4S Nederland had a world’s first with its own experience centre on cash management. In this G4S Innovation Centre in Utrecht, businesses experience first-hand how they can efficiently and safely set up their cash and electronic money flows. DST developed this B-to-B experience together with G4S.

‘Sales is ideally about clients experiencing your knowledge’

Why, how, what

The centre is divided into why, how and what areas. Visitors first undergo a mindset show about the ‘why’ of G4S. They then get into a workshop to work on the ‘how’ question: how to organise their cash process more efficiently – with the expertise of G4S. The experience ends in the ‘what’ area, where the equipment is first shown. A conscious routing: not the G4S products are central themes, but the conversation about topics that keep clients awake at night and how things could be improved. ‘Sales is ideally about clients experiencing your knowledge’, as G4S puts it today.

Insight selling

In the centre, insight selling takes centre stage. Cash processes are complex. Solutions do not always come across in a sales talk, a PowerPoint presentation or a website. In the G4S Innovation Centre, clients experience the expertise of G4S and the tailor-made solutions offered by G4S. This creates optimal interaction and openness between G4S and its clients or prospective clients. G4S and its clients come to new insights through experience. Paul van der Knaap, managing director of G4S Cash Solutions: ‘Our Experience Centre is a catalyst for sales, marketing and communications’.



Royal Auping

Captivating stories

Auping has a colourful company history (est. 1887!) and recently developed an innovative production process with many intelligent solutions. Fascinating stories that deserve their own stage. Because, as Auping CEO Aart Roos says, ‘Storytelling creates an emotional connection with your brand’. Such stories are best told at the location where they happen daily: at the company headquarters.

Auping has fundamentally renewed its production process. Key words: sustainability and LEAN.

Heritage room

DST brought those stories to life in the new Auping headquarters and in their factory across the road. At the office we developed a heritage room, where visitors can learn about Auping’s colourful past in an interactive and accessible manner. With historical furniture, advertising, old photographs, stories about the advent of design and sustainability. Visitors will discover the roots of Auping and how the business has developed into the high-tech company it is today.

Visualising innovation

For visitors, this must be made visible, tangible and understandable in the production hall. Aart Roos: ‘Here you will really feel the connection with the changes we have gone through as a company’. In the production hall, DST developed a new reception area for guided tours, where visitors learn about the way Auping set up and innovated its production process. Using video clips, tangible materials, cross-sections and thematic exhibits, visitors are prepared for a tour of the production hall. For those tours, DST also developed a series of interactive panels for a better understanding of the process. Guided tours at Auping are currently only available for groups and by prior arrangement.


Dutch National Bank

Visitors centre

The Dutch National Bank seized the opportunity of moving its visitors centre for a complete overhaul. A radical change: for the first time in history, the bank opened it doors for the general public. The existing educational programme (for group visits) was also changed and the capacity doubled in numbers. DST signed for the concept, design and content, and took care of the construction in partnership with Bruns. Queen Máxima opened the DNB visitors centre on 22 September 2015.

For the first time the bank opened its doors to the general public.

Experience cash

Central to the new visitors centre is the experience of the DNB tasks. Quite frankly, not exactly a high-interest topic for visitors. At the level of abstraction on which DNB operates, it is mostly tough and complex. In co-creation with the target groups, content experts and guides, DST developed a competitive programme for group visits, with the focus on interaction between visitors and guides. Bilingual, layered, multimedia and balanced. For example, complex issues such as macroeconomic policy, financial supervision and international money transfers are made understandable, interesting and even fun to visitors. For a class of 16-year-old secondary school students as well as for a group of adults with some knowledge of financial matters.

Colourful history

The ground floor was set up for the general public As well as elements of the group visit programme, also exhibits about the colourful history of money (the National Numismatic Collection), the DNB gold reserves, and the Europe-wide nature of the duties of DNB. Here, too, everything revolves around learning via self-discovery, layering and a wide choice of media.

Visit the ground floor of the DNB Visitors centre (1 Sarphatistraat, Amsterdam) admission-free on weekdays between 9am and 5pm. The educational programme on the first floor is available for groups by prior arrangement.