Shimano needs sports fans to experience its brand during major international events, in a way that contributes to its brand exposure, brand value and consumer product development. In close cooperation with bike specialists, DST developed a highly practical promotional trailer that Shimano used as its base during multi-day events.

Look and feel

An HGV with extendable trailer roof formed the heart of the road show. This made it easy to transport to the next event. Its ground floor housed the reception area for guests. The first floor featured a high-tech expo of the latest innovation in bike parts. With easy access to look, feel and touch products, visitors experienced the lightness and strength of Shimano’s new product range themselves. For professional event participants Shimano brought its techsupport department, to help service their bikes.

Major exposure

Shimano visited 30 events, both national and international, with its truck. This gave Shimano major brand exposure, and a stage to test product ideas and designs with end users on an informal basis. The road show was an excellent low-threshold way to improve on customer loyalty and further develop products based on customer needs.

Voetbal Experience

Each soccer match, every tournament, each competition is a rollercoaster of shifting emotions. Laughter and cries, euphoria and frustration, love and hatred, pride and disgust, anger, and resignation. Soccer is all about emotion. Emotion visitors could experience themselves in the National Soccer Museum, the Voetbal Experience. DST signed for its concept, design and build.

December 2009 saw the whole of Hilversum’s media attention shift to Middelburg for the official opening of the Voetbal Experience. The attention in primetime news and background tv-programmes was hardly surprising, given that the museum was an initiative of soccer journalists Hugo Borst, Johan Derksen, Jaap de Groot and Matty Verkamman.

Experience soccer like nowhere else

The Voetbal Experience allowed visitors to experience soccer like nowhere else. The Orange Hall of Fame, and its tribute to the Dutch internationals. The Thrill, the movie theatre on the Orange team, filled with heroes, adversity, a narrow escape, and a happy conclusion after all. The Skills zone, an indoor soccer games hall providing hours of play. Football Vegas! The Stadium! The Gallery of the Great! All FIFA-games in real life size!

The Voetbal Experience offered 3,000 square meters of soccer surprises, with a visitor appreciation of 8/10. 50,000 visitors a year however proved too little for a viable operation in Zeeland, and in 2014 the experience was relocated to the former RBC-stadium.


Retail concept Morgana

A measuring system tailoring your perfect bed. A room in which you can virtually design your own bedroom. A showroom based on ‘less is more’. Inspiration rooms that truly inspire. They are some of the elements of the new retail concept for Morgana, the specialist Dutch bedroom retailer.

morgana de nederlandse beddenspecialist

DST managed Morgana’s retail concept development including its new brand identity and positioning. The new Morgana concept was first applied in its pilot store in Wormerveer. After that it was introduced in all Dutch Morgana stores.

Experience for lasting bedroom comfort

The concept won the Dutch Retail Innovation Award 2008. From its jury report: ‘At Morgana new technology is used to fundamentally change the way customers shop and experience its shops. Morgana has created a new concept that is not only different to traditional bedroom retailers, but also generates newly added value for customers. Morgana is innovative, moving beyond try & buy, and is a true experience for lasting bedroom comfort.’