Inland Revenue Service


Internal campaign

Horizontal monitoring within SMEs: a new form of monitoring by the Inland Revenue Service. However, this requires a different attitude of all parties involved. Starting with civil servants themselves. As a result the HorizonTour was launched; an internal communications programme that provides a change in attitude and behaviour of tax officials.


Conference room turns into experience environment

Decreasing resistance

In this travelling experience workshop, civil servants learn all facets of horizontal supervision in three hours. With videos, quizzes, personal talks and case studies, and with plenty of room for questions and discussions. The sustainable cardboard decor turns any tax office conference room into a true experience environment. In this way, resistance to change decreases and there will be more space for the acceptance of horizontal monitoring. The HorizonTour reached 8,000 Inland Revenue Service employees in nine months.

From audits to trust

In horizontal monitoring fiscal service providers and entrepreneurs are working together on a correctly filed tax return. That eliminates the need for many audits. From audit and negotiation to working together and mutual trust. Moreover, returns can be processed immediately and the entrepreneur will soon be advised on his tax assessment. In short, a quality improvement in the tax return process.

Pop-Up Aids Expo

Are we going to see the end of the current Aids pandemic in our time? And what does it take to get there? The Pop-Up Aids Expo unlocks impressive personal stories of patients from both the Netherlands and around the world. Food for thought and introspection.

Together with partner Beewan DST concepted, designed and realised this travelling exhibition for the Dutch Aids Foundation. It travelled the country to raise awareness on hiv and Aids among young visitors (age 16 to 30).

As a kick-off, king Willem-Alexander and queen Máxima officially opened the Pop-Up Aids Expo during the May 2018 Amsterdam Red Ribbon Concert. The event was extensively covered by national news media. The expo also generated broad social media free publicity because of its easily shared photo opportunity for visitors, using a Magic Mirror.

Toyota Material Handling

Contact Strategy full of experience

Toyota Material Handling (TMH) is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of forklift trucks and logistics and internal transport systems. Toyota Material Handling Netherlands approached DST to develop a new commercial strategy focused on participation in the Logistica 2015 trade fair in the Utrecht exhibition centre.

It used to be a stand full of forklift trucks. It became a knowledge centre full of interaction.

Knowledge leadership as a leading story

In a co-creation process we worked with the TMH sales and communication team as well as marketers on the strategy and storyline. That is how we got to knowledge leadership as a leading story. Material Handling – with the knowledge of Toyota. We used this theme as a guideline to develop a contact strategy, a trade fair plan, a new corporate film and two interactive themed exhibits.

Playful way to get talking

The trade fair plan was first put into practice at the Logistica 2015. The strategy for the stand was: experience the knowledge of Toyota. In the past, the stand was full of forklift trucks, but it had now transformed into a knowledge centre with interactive exhibits and a Toyota theatre. The exhibits worked as a playful way to get people talking. While the visitors in the theatre received in-depth information, such as by way of the new film and through knowledge sessions on the Toyota Production System (TPS).