Royal Auping

Captivating stories

Auping has a colourful company history (est. 1887!) and recently developed an innovative production process with many intelligent solutions. Fascinating stories that deserve their own stage. Because, as Auping CEO Aart Roos says, ‘Storytelling creates an emotional connection with your brand’. Such stories are best told at the location where they happen daily: at the company headquarters.

Auping has fundamentally renewed its production process. Key words: sustainability and LEAN.

Heritage room

DST brought those stories to life in the new Auping headquarters and in their factory across the road. At the office we developed a heritage room, where visitors can learn about Auping’s colourful past in an interactive and accessible manner. With historical furniture, advertising, old photographs, stories about the advent of design and sustainability. Visitors will discover the roots of Auping and how the business has developed into the high-tech company it is today.

Visualising innovation

For visitors, this must be made visible, tangible and understandable in the production hall. Aart Roos: ‘Here you will really feel the connection with the changes we have gone through as a company’. In the production hall, DST developed a new reception area for guided tours, where visitors learn about the way Auping set up and innovated its production process. Using video clips, tangible materials, cross-sections and thematic exhibits, visitors are prepared for a tour of the production hall. For those tours, DST also developed a series of interactive panels for a better understanding of the process. Guided tours at Auping are currently only available for groups and by prior arrangement.


Inland Revenue Service


Internal campaign

Horizontal monitoring within SMEs: a new form of monitoring by the Inland Revenue Service. However, this requires a different attitude of all parties involved. Starting with civil servants themselves. As a result the HorizonTour was launched; an internal communications programme that provides a change in attitude and behaviour of tax officials.


Conference room turns into experience environment

Decreasing resistance

In this travelling experience workshop, civil servants learn all facets of horizontal supervision in three hours. With videos, quizzes, personal talks and case studies, and with plenty of room for questions and discussions. The sustainable cardboard decor turns any tax office conference room into a true experience environment. In this way, resistance to change decreases and there will be more space for the acceptance of horizontal monitoring. The HorizonTour reached 8,000 Inland Revenue Service employees in nine months.

From audits to trust

In horizontal monitoring fiscal service providers and entrepreneurs are working together on a correctly filed tax return. That eliminates the need for many audits. From audit and negotiation to working together and mutual trust. Moreover, returns can be processed immediately and the entrepreneur will soon be advised on his tax assessment. In short, a quality improvement in the tax return process.

Vakopleiding Carrosseriebedrijf

Educational program ‘Working as a coachbuilder’

The Vakopleiding Carrosseriebedrijf (VOC, the Coachbuilders Trade Training Organisation) asked DST to develop an educational program for secondary schools. And to support its associated coachbuilding companies with informative materials for guest lessons at school and company visits by students. In short: DST was asked to help bridge the gap between businesses and schools.

Vakopleiding Carrosseriebedrijf

Trucks en trailers

Like so many technical branches, coachbuilders are short of competent technical staff. In contrast, building trucks and trailers offers excellent career opportunities for pupils in vocational education. On top of that, it is technically challenging work. Yet very few students managed to find their way into coachbuilding. It was just too little known at school as a sector. That had to change.

The result was the educational program ‘Working as a coachbuilder’. A hands-on teaching package for technical classes. Parts of which were also suitable for use in guest lessons and company visits. Its highly practical approach was a resounding success. With over 2,000 orders in a couple of months’ time, VOC reached over 30,000 students.