Nova College

Nova College provides its students with even more space to experiment and study than before. The new Care-building on its campus houses its Nova InNovatielab Haarlem. DST signed for the concept of this multifunctional space, that is aimed at innovating the healthcare sector.

A first in the field

The Nova InNovatielab Haarlem allows for learning, experimenting, demonstrating and co-operating using new technology, new equipment and instruments that are only just becoming available in the healthcare sector or will become so soon. Apart from that the lab encourages interprofessional learning. For every group size the lab can be adapted to size, making its space seamlessly fit users’ needs.

Experiential learning cycle

The concept for Nova InNovatielab Haarlem is based on the three phases of the experiential learning cycle – learn, do and reflect. These return in every lab session, making them a very effective method of learning. The room available reflects that set-up. From the Arena, where students get in the right mindset. And the Co-Creation Lab where they work in groups and experiment with new technology. To the Studio which simulates professional settings for role-playing, and the Expo that displays the latest innovations.


DST perfected the concept for the lab in close co-operation with building architects and interior designers Firm architects and Res & Smit. They in turn translated the concept to a design. For Nova InNovatielab Haarlem programming DST was contracted to open its network for a structural embedding of new partners. The lab opened just before Christmas 2020.

La Vuelta Holanda

The 75th edition of La Vuelta was held in 2020. A jubilee edition of a special bike tour! It would have started in Utrecht, were it not for the Covid-19 pandemic. Anticipating a Utrecht departure, the La Vuelta Holanda Foundation asked DST to develop educational materials for primary school groups 7 and 8 and vmbo-1 and -2 classes, to help celebrate this special occasion.


The start of La Vuelta in the Netherlands was cancelled because of Covid-19. However, the educational material fared better, as this had been developed to be all-digital from the start. A hit, in a time where schools were short of digital material for homeschooling their students during the epidemic. La Vuelta Holanda in de Klas was a welcome addition to the tight supply.


La Vuelta Holanda in de Klas allows for flexible use by teachers. They can choose from ‘take-away’ lessons, and from 36 individual assignments to compile their own. Some of these were all-digital, other physical, at the explicit request of teachers involved in concepting the materials.


The digital materials seamlessly fitted the core goals of primary education and vmbo. Especially schools in the Utrecht area tipped parents to use it in their digital home schooling tools. La Vuelta Holanda in de Klas was adapted to be re-used in a later edition of La Vuelta that will actually depart in Utrecht.

DOOR, World Horti Center

Recruitment of qualified staff is an ongoing concern for horticultural companies in the Westland region. Together with our colleagues from Beewan DST developed a fitting strategy and concept for a permanent exposition for the DOOR cooperative, in the World Horti Center in Naaldwijk.

Strategic kick-off

Door is one of the largest cooperatives of growers in the Westland. We started the project with a joint strategic kick-off for all stakeholders, from the board, marketing communications, and HR to business development departments. This resulted in a choice for a long-term recruitment exposition for young people in the World Horti Center.

Young minds experience

The interactive exposition fulfills a need. Students and young professionals are often not informed of their opportunities in the horticultural sector. Either that, or they have a very limited scope of them. DST provided the expo’s content and game development and cross-checked these with their resident young minds panel.


The result is a highly interactive and very accessible Q&A game that matches competences and players. Each match leads to an interview with somebody earning a living with that competence. In this way young visitors discover their strong points in a playful manner, and learn how to use these to their advantage in the horticultural sector. For the 45 cooperative growers the permanent exposition is an important way to profile their businesses to a young audience. The World Horti Center is the perfect place, being one of the leading international horticultural institutions. An animated place where education, research and business meet.