Gouda Cheese Experience

At the request of the city of Gouda and the province of Zuid-Holland DST experience agency developed a concept for a privately run tourist attraction on Gouda cheese, including a feasibility study and business plan. A smartly orchestrated combination of stakeholder management, finance, design and business plan made the Gouda Cheese Experience possible.

Finance and sponsoring

Apart from concepting, DST also performed location surveys and contributed to substantial sponsoring from FrieslandCampina and Vergeer Holland. DST also engineered the architecture for the investment loan and accompanied the procedure for the remaining financing by the Dutch government bank, combined with a guarantee from the city of Gouda.

Specialist co-operation

DST was responsible for translating the concept to a final design for seven of its ten rooms and coordinated the build. This included project management for structural changes to the building, utilities, interior finishing, exhibit installation, decorating and turn-key delivery. We worked together with specialists in the areas of construction, the monument agency, installation, interior decorating, exhibitry, retail, food & beverage, lighting, AV and interaction design. The result is a privately owned themed attraction that is all about Gouda cheese. With lots to do, discover and, most of all, to have fun with.


Gouda Cheese Experience opened its doors in June 2020. The only unforeseen fact was the global Covid-19 pandemic, delaying the opening by three months. Despite the pandemic, the attraction aims at receiving 50,000 visitors in the opening year.

Roermondjes – full of stories

The council of Roermond, together with the Province of Limburg, aims at reinforcing bonds between its cultural institutions and the city centre’s visitors and entrepreneurs. To achieve that, DST signed for the concept, design and production of Roermond – full of stories.

Digital and threedimensional

Roermondjes – full of stories offers visitors and residents the opportunity to explore the city of Roermond in a unique way. An app takes you on a walk to meet the famous Pierre Cuypers, a medieval monk and the arch duchess of Austria, both digitally and threedimensionally. In between there’s a possibility for a break on the designer benches by Patrick Kusters. More than twenty locations on your walk provide stories on the past and present of Roermond through the app, location markers and an accompanying website. The online information takes you to the institutions and local entrepreneurs for more inspiration and information.


The project brought local parties together in a structural co-operation. The free app can be downloaded and is promoted through Citymanagement Roermond. Its design allows for a further future expansion of locations. More information on Roermond – full of stories can be found on www.weareroermond.com.