150 years of Heineken

Heineken’s Amsterdam

Together with the Amsterdam City Archive DST developed the exhibition Heineken’s Amsterdam, which was one of the big crowd pleasers with which the famous brewer celebrated its 150-year anniversary. The company’s contribution led to a comprehensive exhibition that allowed visitors to explore the rich history of Heineken and her founder.

Heineken stadsarchief amsterdam tentoonstelling 150

Gerard Adriaan Heineken

Ever since Gerard Adriaan Heineken took over local brewery De Hooiberg (The Haystack) in 1864 the history of the famous brewer family and the city of Amsterdam have been woven together. The exhibition told the success story of what is likely the world most famous brewery and the role it played in developing the city of Amsterdam. Local landmarks such as the Paleis voor de Volksvlijt (People’s Palace), the lush Vondelpark, North Sea Channel and the major 19th century city expansion projects are all connected to Gerard Adriaan Heineken.


Heineken & DST

Heineken and DST go way back. In 2001 DST developed the Heineken Experience in the old Amsterdam brewery. For the City Archive exhibition DST signed for concept, design and production. Heineken’s Amsterdam was opened in February 2014 by Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken (great granddaughter of Gerard Adriaan Heineken) and deputy mayor Carolien Gehrels.


Anno (promoting history)

Oh, wat ben je mooi!

Kate Moss or a Rubens woman. Who is the fairest of these two? To answer that question, we will first have to answer another question: what era are we talking about? ‘You are so beautiful!’ is a roadshow about the history of beauty ideals. Accessible to all, because the travelling show could be seen in shopping malls throughout the Netherlands.


Are you going for a Louis Vuitton handbag or a Bruges lace collar?

Increasing historical awareness

Beauty ideals are timeless, but they are changing all the time. Are you going for a Louis Vuitton handbag or a Bruges lace collar? Do we want a tan or rather enhance our pale skin with white cosmetics? Anno, the former promotion agency for Dutch history, aimed to raise the historic awareness in the Netherlands. Under the title ‘You are so beautiful!’, DST developed a roadshow about the ideals of beauty throughout the centuries.


Miraculous appearances

In a number of pavilions, interactive games, animations, images, sounds and artefacts give an impression of the miraculous appearances that people once thought to be important. The roadshow visited shopping malls throughout the Netherlands.


Lelystad Nature Park

Tempting visitors to go for a walk

Commissioned by Het Flevo-landschap, DST rearranged the visitor centre and the central area of Lelystad Nature Park. Main aim of the new arrangement was to encourage visitors to go for a walk. And to go and discover just a little bit more than on an earlier visit.


“Play here like an animal”.

Discovering that each season is unique

In the past, the vast majority of visitors in Lelystad Nature Park only got to watch the otters. Or they made a short walk around the central pond. In the visitor centre, people discovered that much more is going on in the park. A video shows there are more animal species than they may have thought. In the Landscape Game, all animals and plants appear to be linked to one another. On the big map with stories, visitors learn that every season is different and unique.

Experiencing nature

Today, visitors also discover animals such as wisents, Przewalski’s horses and red deer at the far end of the park. In deciding the length of their walk, they can follow the signs in the park showing the estimated time to their destination. On the outer wall of the visitor centre they can print out a personalised route map for free. Yet there will always be visitors who really prefer to stay close to the visitor centre. They can enjoy the tranquillity of the Water Garden. Children can enjoy the Nature Playground: “Play like an animal”. And that means mimicking the nosedive of a hawk, building a nest from tree branches, or crawling through a foxhole. In other words: experiencing nature.