Renze de Vries

What is the story of your organisation? No, I don’t mean your corporate story or your corporate mission statement. Neither do I mean your key values. What is the story you tell others. The story my dear 80-year-old aunt, who lives in the sticks, can also comprehend and pass on to others.

A good story is the basis for any experience. And every organisation, every brand is full of fascinating stories. But storytelling is not as easy as it sounds. How do you draw the attention of your audience? How do you keep their attention? How can you make them tell your story to others? That is the essence of our work. Such things fascinate me immensely.

As a high-school student, I was fascinated by literature; so I went on to study Dutch language. At university I discovered the power of film stories, and I became a cinephile. In 1988, after graduation, I became a copywriter in the world of advertising and this allowed me to write stories.

Not all of my writings would get me nominated for the Nobel Prize for literature, but some were bound to be good. After all, in 1994 I became the Managing director / Partner for a successful advertising agency. I sold that business with my partners in 2001. Perfect timing: just three months before nine-eleven. Why? I saw that the advertising industry was at the end of its lifecycle.

In 2003, I met Marcel Goossens and I joined DST as a co-owner. Together, we made DST into what it is today: the experience agency. My role: co-working frontman within the team. Particularly in the early stages of projects: strategy, concept development. I still write, but mainly for bid books and vision documents

Marcel Goossens

Getting projects started. That is my drive. Experience projects are complex investments in which many processes are brought together: sales, marketing, communication, R&D. It is essential to start with the right focus. Especially in modern times, when commerce is really changing. Everything is going to change on the commercial side of the organisation. Experience plays a crucial role in this, since it can give an enormous boost to sales.

From an early age, I have been fascinated by everything to do on the cutting edge of sales, experience and retail. Aged 18, I was manager of a shoe store and I earned the title of ‘Best-running shoe store in the Netherlands’. After my training, I started in direct marketing at MarktSelect. Over a period of three years, I helped to build up the business and was then scouted by a head-hunter to work for DST. That was the best move in my professional career.

Since 1995, I have been one of its Managing directors / Partners; since 2003 together with Renze de Vries. We cherish our educational roots, but we have given the business a far more business-like appearance. For the coming years, I foresee that we will achieve great things, especially in the field of brand experience and business-to-business experience. At boardroom level, the value of experience is increasingly seen as a catalyst for sales and new business. Our projects are the living proof of that.

Marie-Thérèse Thielen

After several marketing and communication (management) positions in the Netherlands and abroad, I have been working for DST since 2002 as a project manager and senior communication adviser, mainly for complex projects.

Especially the diversity of clients and projects appeals to me at DST. From a lifestyle campaign for truck drivers and a health & safety campaign for cleaners to two ANWB open air meeting areas , a heritage and production experience at Auping and experience centre De Fietser for the Accell Group. From strategic consulting to implementation, that is the challenge. My goal is an effective final result and a smooth journey to reach it.