Lars de Groot

My experience comes from a varied background working as an interior architect, spatial designer, and environmental designer. I have been working on a revolutionary new project concept with DST since the Summer of 2017.

Where interior design, architecture, landscape, and urban design meet, is where I love to work. This I believe is where surprising and innovative concepts are born. Space is the common denominator binding these disciplines. In my view this is more than just a vessel, it is a mediator connecting emotional and physical experience.

My curiosity for design solutions is what attracts me to new challenges and partnerships in which spatial issues are transformed into stimulating, challenging and communicative designs. And yes, I always keep an eye out for feasibility, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Carmen Gilhuis

During my education in industrial design engineering, projects with a healthy dose of experience held a special draw for me. After my master project for the Amersfoort zoo I knew I wanted to be in experience design. Guess what I do today.

With DST I take inspiring projects for various customers from concept to realisation. I love to convey complex information in an easy way and make people smile. My inner techie makes sure I always keep feasibility and user friendliness in mind when I am designing. When visitors return home with a good feeling and new knowledge or a changed outlook, my mission has been successful.

Paul van der Drift

Growing in the city of Utrecht with roots spreading to the province of Brabant and branches reaching Italy. Passionate yachtsman, both with family and in competitions. I like the outdoors, especially mountain biking in the vicinity of Zeist. I enjoy it when I can convey my passion and enthusiasm for something, both in my work with experience projects and privately. I am a student at the University of Life.